By Professor Ben Casey


British creative advertising and graphic design is recognised as being amongst the best in the world.

This owes much to an educational infrastructure that supplies the industry with a constant stream of fresh talent.

One of the most successful courses is run in the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. Over thirty years ago it helped transform design education by pioneering the first sandwich course in the UK. This effectively gave industry an active role in the training of young designers and art directors.

This section celebrates the success of this unique relationship and the graduates it produced. Much of the work you will have already seen in supermarkets, on the streets or even in your living room. But in a less familiar context it offers an unusual opportunity to spend time appreciating the work’s artistic merit and to discover a little about the people behind the projects.

Work ranges from inspirational poster campaigns to TV commercials, and from packaging to popular merchandise, all of which can be traced back to one source – having been produced by the graduates from the Visual Communication course at Preston. 

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