Typographic Specimens - Private View

Last Thursday saw the launch of Typographic Specimens, much more of which can be read here, here and here.


For the guests who had travelled from across the land, and in accordance with the Reverend's good wishes, a temperance dispensary was established with the upstanding advice:

"Hold ye fast to sobriety."

Sage words indeed, though there were murmurings some tipples had a particularly gratifying warming effect. Such notions have been noted before and are considered to be the way when in close quarters of the Reverend and his works.

A gratifying time was had by all and we wish Andy and the Reverend all the best for Typographic Specimens.

The reverend in modern day garb

The reverend in modern day garb

A time lapse of visitors enjoying the findings

the fantastic lantern show

A time lapse of the signings