Design talk in Preston

Time & Date: 5-8pm, Thursday 23rd November


Society1 in collaboration with Digital Lancashire and Creative Lancashire are hosting their first creative collaboration evening. Lets Talk ... with guest speaker Andy Walmsley - artist & creative director of award-winning Wash Design

Lets Talk... is a regular post work gathering bringing together creative & digital businesses and freelancers and practioners to discuss and debate the key issues faced by creative practitioners.

The format of the evening will be relaxed and informal providing a space for emerging talent, established businesses and freelancers to share ideas and inspirations.

For each event there will be a different topic to encourage conversation and ideas sharing.

We will begin the discussion by inviting a local business to present about a topical talking point to get the evening started.

Following the talk and Q&A there will be an 'open floor' opportunity to share any relevant news and ideas.

This months topic: What drives us as Creatives?

Andy Walmsley from Wash Design will speak about his experiences and what has driven him to create his style of agency and work they do at Wash. It will be an open floor for discussion so bring with you your thoughts on where the group could help you with any issues in your business or if you have something topical to discuss as inspiration for us all.  


Lets Talk is free to attend but pre registration is essential via the Eventbrite Page

Andy Walmsley - Creative Director, Wash

Born in Preston 1966, Andy left school in 1982 and started work at Hamilton Press, Preston as a trainee ‘paste-up artist’ working in newspapers and print. Andy now runs his own Design Agency (Wash Design Studio) in the town with clients far and wide.

“As computers are now a main tool to our creative output in my line of work, I felt I needed to get back to using my hands as well as my mind. I started dabbling in oils in 2005, mainly working on portraits. However, I’ve always had a love for the outdoors and the fells, but in 2006 I found a real passion for cycling.

I now spend my time riding around this part of Lancashire, taking photos on my iphone and working them up in oils. I have a strange fascination of what’s just over the next horizon – the urge to keep moving on.

I’m trying to keep my work lose and slightly abstract, I’m not attempting to copy exactly what I see, but attempting to inject that atmosphere you absorb when you are out on the bike, that sense of open space, freedom and colour that surrounds us – even on a bad day.

Having left my educational journey at 16 to then go on working my way through many jobbing studios and eventually in to design studios, I now bring almost 30 years industry experience to the Wash Design Studio team. I've worked with all sorts of clients in all sorts of sectors over the years, from large global companies to public bodies and many SMBs."

I've directed documentaries, art directed photoshoots, managed major brand development projects and worked on countless projects to generate and tailor marketing & communications materials of every sort imaginable."