Placement: the website

Former students Jordan Stokes and Matt Johnson have been in touch as they've put together a brilliant online resource of advice, tips and anecdotes for placement students.

Having already put together the Placement newspaper in 2012 as an extension of their last project whilst here at UCLan, they've been able to add more stories and quotes in the meantime:


Placement is a collaborative project centered around internships in the creative industry. It is run by Sydney based, North of England raised designers Matt Johnson and Jordan Stokes.

Placement was started in 2007 when we were both at University and on placement in London.

On arrival in London we quickly realised that we were completely unprepared for the intern life. So we decided to make a guide, for students, by students with the backing and help of people who would be employing you as interns/junior designers. We asked (emailed, called, collared in the street/pub) as many designers, internationally but mainly from the UK (and now Australia) for a contribution on the theme of placements or internships.

Some are funny, some are serious and scary, some offer valid advice, some make certain people sound **Ahem**. All in all though we got some amazing results back from some really great people and collated it along with written accounts of our own experiences into a book for our final major project.

Then in 2012 UCLan asked us whether they could commission a printed version project to go to print as a promotional piece for our course, so we collected more stuff and printed it as an oversized newspaper.

This website is the latest iteration of the project, which will hopefully allow the knowledge and wisdom within the project to be added to and shared by everyone. It definitely took long enough.

We'll be continuing to add to the project from now on, so stay tuned.


If you'd like to find out more we'd love to hear from you

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