A Seat of Learning


'A Seat of Learning' - Sight specific installation - 2015

Every unique style of chair that the curator could find in the Victoria building over a period of 4 hours was extracted from the studios and base rooms from all 3 floors. These chairs were then placed at random, in the PR1 Gallery, to form a square - nine chairs by nine.

What people read into this sight specific artwork at the time was very much up to the viewer. However the curator would like to think that one aspect of the piece was how it reflected the unique nature of all those creative individuals who practiced within the School of Art, Design & Performance. Both students & staff.

In the two years since this piece was first shown the building has undergone a furniture standardisation and refit. Sadly the majority of these chairs have now left the building. Therefore this piece could never be recreated again. Let us also hope that the individuality and creativity didn't leave with them!



Time lapse of the installation.

A portrait of every individual chair.