Daniel Liévano

TDOD have recently been contacted by Daniel Liévano, an illustrator from Bogotá, Colombia. He sent some images across which we thought were stunning.

In the words of the man himself:

I believe I have a project that can be of your interest, it involves what I used to do in my first years and what I do nowadays. It's about Graphic Design and Illustration, respectively.

As a passionate of illustration, I'm always thinking about what makes my job relevant in the world, and this time I thought about the common process of an illustration assignment. Illustrators are often given text-based briefs so they can imagine a visual relationship of the idea behind such brief, and sometimes that simple exercise has made the job of illustrators be seen as a mere technical discipline, which is not at all.

So I created a series of illustrations where the process is simply inverted: The creation of an image happens first, and then I imagine  hypothetical texts that can exist next to the out-of-the-blue illustrations.

To make this more purposeful, I went to my earliest passion, graphic design. I wanted to design covers of many sort of publications as if they seemed real, with real world topics and key terms such as The Observer's Paradox, themes that can be found in psychology  and philosophy. The allusion of these implicit articles, ended being absolute fiction.

Below are the illustrations in their original state, before being used within their respective cover designs.

Original Illustrations

In context