Oh Sh*t… What Now

Former conference week speaker and friend of the course Craig Oldham is hosting an event created specifically for students, graduates and young creatives, i.e. the readers of this website.

Building on his recently released book, it will be an invaluable opportunity to glean some advice, tips and first hand experience. 

The event is free, is on May 24th in Manchester, and at the Whitworth which itself is worth a trip over either way.

Oh Sh*t… What Now? attempts to make a genuine and honest attempt at bridging the gap into the creative industry. And though many might think this was an already well discussed topic, the reality is that the problem is almost never fully addressed in a meaningful, insightful, human manner. The majority of advice available to young and aspiring creatives is a sort-of feedback loop of inane maxims and idle advice, constantly spinning the same strained clichés.
Craig's aim is to try and remedy this. In his honest and direct (Yorkshire) manner.