Abstract: Season 2

The second season of Disciples’ favourite Abstract has recently been released on Netflix. Amongst the new season it features two must-see episodes. One features artist/designer/genius Olafur Eliasson, and the other episode which we highly recommend to any student of design delves into typography with Jonathan Hoefler.

As a student of typography (at any level), the insights, background and detail in the Jonathan Hoefler episode provide a full foundation into type and letterform; but the episode itself is made with wit, charm as well as craft and detail. There were things I’d forgotten, things I didn't know and things I was just glad to see again.

The Olafur Eliasson episode is fascinating. Whether you are aware of his work or not, the way he is able to talk about creativity, ideas and process is eye opening; for its straightforwardness as much as anything. This is not stuffy or reflective of any art world preconceptions, it is in fact the opposite. He appears as a designer who happens to make art. One key quote I took from the episode will ring true with all the best designers I know:

“I get ideas when I work hard.”

There is no magic button for ideas, and it’s reassuring to know the world’s most revered practitioners are in the same boat as us. Ish.

And if you don’t know Eliasson’s work, below are some photographs taken of his exhibition The Unspeakable Openness of Things at the Red Brick Art Museum whilst on a UCLan study trip to Baoding and Beijing in 2017.

Also, the design of the museum itself was fantastic. Seemingly hundreds of hours of craft were visible at every turn. My favourite installation though was the railings which doubled as a bench. So simple, so obvious. A great idea.