I am the resurrection and I am the website: The return of The Disciples Of Design

Did I think I’d see The Disciples Of Design live again? Not in this lifetime.
— Rev. Jackson Whitehead

Welcome back to The Disciples Of Design. You may be old enough to remember the previous incarnation of this website which was sadly attacked and brought down by digital curmudgeons. However, we are happy to say that The Disciples Of Design are now back online with a new hub for all things design.

We have tried to salvage as much as we can via the Wayback Machine - especially the profiles of ex-Preston students who are now part of the global design community. But there is still much more there for you to have look through so please head over there as well.

We have uploaded lots of students videos to our new youtube channel, as well as reinstating our instagram account. If anyone would like to contribute please get in touch