It is on such tiny details doth history turn

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The Rev. Jackson Whitehead served as the ship's chaplain aboard the H.M.S Pica, sister ship to the H.M.S Beagle, which accompanied the Beagle on its second survey expedition in 1831. As well as being a highly visually perceptive man of the cloth, Whitehead was also a very keen amateur collector of fauna as well as a typography enthusiast. 

Upon realising that the majority of both ships crews were either committed atheists or budding evolutionists, he embarked on entertaining himself between landfall by creating a whole series of creatures made up out of typographical characters. Some of these were based on the animals that they discovered and some were mere flights of fancy. 

Only recently, after the restoration of Whitehead's ancestral Jacobean manor house, has the manuscript of his work set out before you come to light.

Rev. Jackson Whitehead – circa 1850

Rev. Jackson Whitehead – circa 1850