GSM - Morske Musak

A recent project carried out in Zadar, Croatia enabled three members of Global Sound Movement (GSM) to visit the largest organic sea organ - ‘Morske Orgulje’.  

The Sea Organ is essentially ‘played’ by the tidal movement of the Adriatic Sea. Waves fill pipes and force air through chambers creating pitches and harmonies. As the movement of the sea is never the same, there is a continual, never ending soundtrack to this city provided by nature.

The GSM team took multiple 5.1 and stereo recordings to form part of a unique installation that will accompany 360 footage and images. Each octave was sampled various times capturing not only the musical notes, but also the incidental mechanical sound. Through months of post-production, this has been developed into a sampler instrument that can be played using MIDI controllers through digital audio workstations.

This project showcases the trip to Zadar, Croatia with the intention of capturing a wholly unique musical instrument. Morske Orgulje – Sea Organ a 70 meter organ that produces sound based on the movement of the Adriatic Sea. GSM captured this incredible instrument along with multiple environmental recordings, adding to its existing sound library. This is a multimedia interactive installation that allowed visitors to interact with the Morske Orgulie and collaborate with the tide to create a new piece of music.