A Time & Place

With only 42 shopping days left until Christmas, we thought it only right to look back at a seasonal design classic from 1993. The Chase Creative Consultants' D&AD winning Christmas card. Brutal in its simplicity and a product of its time (as a few months into 1994 the price of a 1st class stamp increased to 26p).

Serendipity and teamwork were at the heart of this solution, the colour combination of the two denominations coupled with the pyramid structure and bingo! The medium is the message.

stamp x mas copy copy.jpg


As one who witnessed the design's development, from a rejected linear idea, where a series of different denominations worked together to make up the full price of a first class stamp (for a company who specialised in team building). It spent several days being discussed and passed around the office morphing through several incarnations and designs, until someone suggested a pyramid then another person spotted the colour combination. Eureka! From that point on it was a 'no brainer', it just required a little 'icing on the cake' in the form of the red franked baubles and the design was complete.