Graphic design first years have recently submitted their most up-to-date prototypes in their packaging project, before final designs are crafted on the correct stocks and printed with the appropriate inks or other processes. There are some lovely thoughts and observations, as ever all designs will benefit from more craft and production time.

Simply, the brief is to take a low value product and add value to it through the design of the three dimensional pack, as well as utilising creative surface graphics. As Andy said in the yesterdays’s crit : “If it used to cost a quid, would I pay two quid for it now it’s been redesigned?”

Have a look below and see what you think…

Cotton buds:

Fire lighters:

Beef jerky:


glasses wipes:

weed killer:

fly spray:

yellow dusters:

Children’s tissues:


Pack of pencils:

multi purpose filler:

Children’s plasters: