What kind of designer are you?


Have a look at this website created by Manchester's Code Computerlove. They are renown as one of the UK's best digital agencies, so have a look at them.

Their What kind of designer are you? website is for fun, but as they say, it might just help you clarify what kind of designer you are, and what path you may then take...

As an aside it also has an excellent reading list. Always a bonus.

Google Digital Garage: free digital skills classes

Google has opened a Digital Garage in Manchester to help people improve their digital skills for free. It will be open seven days a week for a year, having opened on King Street in the city centre on Monday.

Anyone can get free face-to-face coaching or join-up to courses in online tools. Courses on offer include coding and social media, from beginner to intermediate levels.

Available courses are here.

Anyone can sign up for free classes here.


Year 2 Graphics celebrate the YBAs at 30

Second year Graphics students have marked the 30th anniversary of the Young British Artists (YBAs or BritArt) by designing the layout for a digital magazine.

This project required researching well known Brit artists such as Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, the Chapman Brothers as well as lesser known artists in this Contemporary Art movement.

damien hirst pages-2.jpg

The brief was to design an article for ‘Design Week’ iPad magazine replacing the former printed magazine.

The students had to design the layout of type and image for the front cover, introduction page and a five-page article on their designated artist.

The aim of the project was to visually communicate the UX, navigation, interactivity and moving image regions on the pages.

mark francis pages-2.jpg

The project will be developed later in semester 2 with digital presentations in After Effects to demonstrate the movement and interactivity.