One week project: Google doodle

Year 1 have recently submitted their ideas for the Google doodle illustration project. The brief required the students to research and discover an unusual date or anniversary and illustrate the concept using their design skills. Though not required at this stage, some (Linked below) were presented in animated form.

The Invention of the magnifying glass

Anniversary of the ballpoint pen

National umbrella day

Anniversary of the paperclip

One week project: Image

In tribute to the old crit room - 217 - we bring you some of the more choice cuts from our most recent first year crit. The project was one of juxtaposition, taking a theme - war & peace for example - and bringing the two opposing ideas together in one composition. The brief is straightforward, but this is a project which requires depth of thought, research and craft. It certainly caught some people out. It is not a case of simply choosing images, but rather curating them before finally putting them together.








One week project: 3D

The first year graphics and advertising students have recently presented their concepts for the one-week 3D project. Each student was assigned a different organisation and briefed to create a carrier bag that creatively represented their client. A challenging brief in both concept and craft, some unexpected solutions were on show, and a few in particular served as great examples to the group.

The key to this brief and for further developing the concepts is to present just enough visual information for the viewer to make the connection.

National Council for Metal Detecting

Canal & River Trust

The Ramblers' Association

The Spiritualism Association

The Savile Row Bespoke Association

One week project: Typography

Year 1 Graphics and Advertising students have recently completed their second one-week lateral thinking brief. Tutors and students alike have been impressed with the overall standard on show at the crit.

In fact, and though thought to be clandestine; some second and final year’s hushed conversations have been overheard…and betray the notion that perhaps this year’s crop have faired better than their own. Interesting, indeed.