SENSATIONAL ! - YBA Poster Project

Here we feature a selection of posters designed by our second year Graphics students, as part of their type & image brief back in 2018. Each student was given a fine artist from the now infamous 1997 Sensation Exhibition and had to research and then design a poster based on their work. These then became part of a special 30 year coffee table artefact in the form of a limited edition box set of posters. Retail £400

sensation 2.jpg
sensatuion 1.jpg
sensation 3.jpg
sensation 4.jpg
senesation 5.jpg
sensation poster 3.jpg
sensation poster 1.jpg
senstion poster 2.jpg
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Posters from the ephemeral archive

It’s that time of year again. As we get ready for the next intake of visual communications students, we have been rummaging through the plan chests and hidden crevices of the store rooms and come across some more 1970’s & 80s posters. A visual feast of a not too distant past.

signateure shot.jpg
by pass.jpg
Could they live without it now?

Could they live without it now?

Always a good idea.

Always a good idea.

radio 1.jpg
steve wright.jpg
john peepl.jpg
Nice poster design..balance & restraint!

Nice poster design..balance & restraint!

books bigger.jpg
Jacob Reece-Mogg’s vision of Britain post Brexit foretold in this English Tourist Board poster.

Jacob Reece-Mogg’s vision of Britain post Brexit foretold in this English Tourist Board poster.

Only a snapshot of what we have in our archive, but I think you’ll be the first to admit that these rare survivors provide us with a valuable visual vignette of social history.

256 px

The favicon was introduced as a visual shortcut for a brand or organisation’s website in the form of a 256 pixel (16 x 16) icon that could be inserted into the address bar of a web broswer. This trend of proportion then took a foothold with the advent of social media, and each site requiring a circle or square icon to represent each individual user. As a quirk of the digital world, the below screenshot shows how it can throw three different logos together, from three very different organisations. All are equally appropriate, but seen together it indicates the impact of the favicon and how its necessary reductionism has consequently impacted graphic design.

F, F, F.

F, F, F.

The Heinz Henri

Here we feature the first in a series of 2019 D&AD entries that didn’t quite make the grade. That said we feel that they are all of an excellent standard, are highly creative solutions and are great portfolio pieces for the students concerned.

This particular solution by 2nd year student Dylan Carr placed Heniz at the centre of every household table.

Click the image to play the film

Creative Conscience Awards 2019 - Update

This summer, UCLan students won gold, silver and bronze at the Creative Conscience Awards.

Seven students from our graphic design and advertising courses recieived awards, which celebrate projects that aim to improve local communities and inspire and help change people’s lives through ideas and design.


“There were so many passionate and touching projects submitted this year, all of which championed worthy causes that don’t often get spoken about in public.”


Graphic design student Dom Parsons won gold for a typeface he created for the Grenfell Tower campaigners and community. The design incorporated the structure of the building that tragically caught fire in June 2017 and the typeface was designed to create a unified voice for the two-year anniversary of the disaster.

Advertising students Ran Duan and Xuebing Liu won silver for their own touching project focusing on organ donation. They aimed to help start more conversations with children without scaring them. Teaming up with the NHS Organ Donation organisation and the Build a Bear Workshop, they reuse the hearts and eyes from old toy bears and use them for new toys.

Jay Austin and Gabe Aplando, final year graphic design students, earned their bronze prize for their project ‘Fence Fairies’; a typeface designed to be used on banners, picket signs and newspaper adverts in aid of the protests against fracking.

Jonathan Mount and Lucy Child also received bronze for their community project; ‘The Wood House’; a charity that reclaims and repurposes different types of wood whilst supporting vulnerable people. The design makes use of the organisation’s resources as well as aiding delivering their message.

Chrissy Levett, founder of Creative Conscience, said: “There were so many passionate and touching projects submitted this year, all of which championed worthy causes that don’t often get spoken about in public.”

Big thanks to Creative Conscience and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Class of 2019

We’re starting to upload (file size depending!) 2019 final year projects and portfolios. We will continue uploading, but the below links offer great incite into the quality and quantity of work involved in External, Competition and Honours projects for current and future undergraduates.

Clicking the linked images will open a PDF on a new page.

Also, for the time-being, Angus is hosting a portfolio site as well.

D&AD New Blood Awards 2019 - Update

We’d just like to repeat our congratulations to all this year’s D&AD New Blood entrants and winners. The awards were presented by ex-Preston student Harriet Devoy who will spend this year as D&AD President alongside her role as Creative Director of Design, Marketing Communications at Apple EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa).

2HRS TO 2020
Wood Pencil
- by Yi Zhang & Ariel Austris Tabaks

Yellow Pencil
- by Lucy Child & Francesca Hanley

Heinz State
Wood Pencil
- by Angus Meikle

Fence Fairies
Wood Pencil
- by Gabe Aplando & Jay Austin

The Times
Break the Cycle
Graphite Pencil
- by Brandon Thomas

Virgin Favours the Brave
Wood Pencil
- by Angus Meikle & Dom Parsons

Also, congratulations to ex-student Jack Parker who won yellow, white and black pencils for his adidas entry.

Some Photos…