The results are in

Not before time, we'd like to congratulate this year's award winners.

At D&AD New Blood, advertising had fantastic success with a Yellow and Graphite Pencil. Graphic Design came away with the Wood award.

Also congratulations to our winners at this year's Creative Conscience awards.

Amazing (hard) work everybody.

 Ya wang (DIANA), Jemma Redpath, gail mcfadzean & olivia downing (tutor)

Ya wang (DIANA), Jemma Redpath, gail mcfadzean & olivia downing (tutor)

 james clarke, louis murphy-hancock, nathaneal johnson, andy Boakyi-aboagye & troy witter

james clarke, louis murphy-hancock, nathaneal johnson, andy Boakyi-aboagye & troy witter

Have a look at their projects:


D&AD - Jemma Redpath

D&AD - Gail McFadzean

Graphic Design

D&AD - Ya Wang (Diana)

Creative Conscience - James Clarke & Louis Murphy-Hancock

Creative Conscience - Andy Boakyi-Aboagye, Nathaneal Johnson & Troy Witter

Connecting Creativity - A cause for our times

we the undersigned.jpg

Here we are proud to feature a piece of work created by two of our 4th year students, Louis Murphy-Hancock & James Clarke, that has just won a Creative Conscience Award 2018.

intro rational.jpg

The concept of trying to create a coherent and organised front to tackle the current refusal by those in government to acknowledge the importance of the creative arts in our primary and secondary schools, is timely.

We think the time is right for a clarion call and with several prominent figures in the creative arts already beginning to voice their opinions with respect to this subject, maybe we have found a banner under which we can all march?


D&AD 2018 Festival: some snaps

I was lucky enough to get a pass into this year's D&AD festival in London and do a little networking as well as have a look at some of the nominated work on display. Here are a few badly edited highlights.

It was interesting to note the paired back minimalism and economy of design applied to many pieces of work. For the student of design, many of the basic underlying principles of visual communications were evident including clever and intriguing visual connections, juxtaposition, use of multiples, secondary use, paper engineering, dynamic cropping and appropriate use of illustration styles.

From the Archive

Here we feature some very rare images of the early student D&AD awards circa 1980. The students & staff on the Graphics course had a clean sweep in the competitions first year, with Preston Polytechnic winning all 4 categories!

 The Judges deliberate, Alan Fletcher being one of them.

The Judges deliberate, Alan Fletcher being one of them.

 Some of the winners from the class of 1980.

Some of the winners from the class of 1980.

 Student s & staff receiving their award.

Student s & staff receiving their award.

Here we feature some of the award winning work.

 What the judges thought of the winners work.

What the judges thought of the winners work.

D&AD New Blood Awards hit for six

In July, Preston students managed to win a fantastic six pencils at the D&AD New Blood awards. Look through the links below, get inspired and get to know the standard required. Plus, a special mention to Harriet who was involved in three pencils and showing us all what's possible!

Amy Wooding – Us to You in 1 Hour
Ashton Hoban – John Lewis Saves the Day
Charlie Bulmer – Fighting Conceptions
Harriet Richardson – Boredom - The Bored Game
Harriet Richardson – Samples
Harriet Richardson & George Townley – Creative Block

Dominic Parsons wins Creative Conscience award

Year 2 Graphic Design student Dominic Parsons, is a prize-winner in the Creative Conscience Awards. His project is about computer hacking ‘Type for Change’.

Entering design competitions in the second year gives us a great opportunity to have our work recognised by industry before we go out on placement.
— Dominic Parsons

The project ‘Type for Change’ visually communicates the achievements of the online activist community highlighting the true power for change we all have at our fingertips. ‘Type for Change’ is a composite typeface that has been designed to represent this world-wide community. It has been created by sourcing and compiling different keys, taken from both PC and Apple keyboards from all regions and nations across the globe where online activism has become an important tool for change.



Jonathan Mount wins a YCN award

Jonathan Mount a second year Graphic Design student has won a YCN Design Award Commendation in the Fedrigoni Paper category. The competition brief was to design a highly coveted Christmas gift for Fedrigoni using their Constellation range of paper. His entry ‘Standles’ features a range of candle stands engineered from the paper range, based on the three festive gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

It’s great to engage on briefs where the physical is of importance as it shows the wide gamut of disciplines within design as a whole. The encouragement and feedback from tutors and industry professionals has helped enormously as I head into my placement year.
— Jonathan Mount

Student nominations for ‘RAF Active’ brief design award

A live brief run by Coley Porter Bell, a top London branding agency visited the graphics course to deliver the ‘RAF Active’ project. The brief was to create an identity and visual language for the new RAF Active campaign and bring it to life through inspiring and exciting applications, eg. social media platforms, posters and apps.

The prize was a placement at CPB and prize money.

Year 2 BA(Hons) Graphic Design students, Lucy Child, Huzaifa Sidat, Brandon Thomas were nominated and went to the London based agency to present their projects.

It was a great opportunity for the students to work on a real life brief and have the experience of visiting a design agency and present their work to industry.

 Lucy Child's entry - EARN YOUR STRIPES

Lucy Child's entry - EARN YOUR STRIPES